Marc_Witmer_brendan_wenzel  || Just finished creating this posse of fantastical creatures for Marc Witmer's Fall 2013 line. 
Marc Witmer
The GHARIAL • Brendan Wenzel  || This critically endangered fish-eating crocodilian once inhabited rivers across the Indian subcontinent  but can now only be found in India and Nepal.
The Gharial
The INDRI • Brendan Wenzel  || This endangered lemur is found only on the island of Madagascar. 
The Indri
The MARVELOUS SPATULETAIL • Brendan Wenzel  || This unique and endangered hummingbird is found only in Peru. 
The Marvelous Spatuletail
The PALLAS CAT • Brendan wenzel  || This near threatened wild cat, also known as the Manul, is found in Central Asia.
The Pallas Cat
The PINK FAIRY ARMADILLO • Brendan Wenzel  || This armor plated, nocturnal mammal is found on the dry grasslands and sandy plains of central Argentina.
Pink Fairy Armadillo
The GOLDEN SNUB-NOSED MONKEY • Brendan Wenzel  || This endangered species of old world monkey is endemic to South West China.
Golden Snub-nosed Monkey
The PILEATED GIBBON • Brendan Wenzel  || This endangered primate is found in southeastern Thailand, southwestern Lao, and western Cambodia.
Pileated Gibbon
The SUMATRAN RHINOCEROS • Brendan Wenzel  || This critically endangered species of rhinoceros is found in fragmented populations in Indonesia and Sabah, Malaysia.
Sumatran Rhinoceros