Some Bugs

Some bugs FLUTTER, Some bugs CRAWL, Some bugs curl up in a BALL

Grab your magnifying glass!
Find your field guide!
And come hop, hide, swim, and glide
through this buggy backyard world!

Featuring insects including butterflies and moths, crickets and cicadas, bumblebees and beetles, this zippy rhyming exploration of backyard-bug behavior is sure to have insect enthusiasts of all ages bugging out with excitement!

A picture book that capers with joy in the buggy natural world. . . each page of this ebullient book introduces a different bugs proclivity. . . . Deceptively simple, with innovative illustrations and a catchy narrative, this book adeptly supplies information, a sense of accessibility, close looking and joie de vivre.Kirkus Reviews, December 2013
* [A] marvelous encyclopedic look at backyard entomology. . . . Even the most squeamish or squash-happy reader will find these critters easy to love. . . . So vivid are Wenzels compositions that readers will feel transported to a summer day, when the air is musical and life is literally buzzing.Publishers Weekly, January 2014, *starred review
Heres a bright, breezy picture book spotlighting many varieties of bugs.... The collage-like mixed-media artwork offers vivid views of the yard and its inhabitants. Fine for reading aloud, this lively picture book encourages kids to look for wildlife in their own backyards.Booklist, March 2014
Visually detailed, this solid offering offers brief descriptions of a variety of bugs. Mixed-media illustrations emphasize textures and patterns as the insects creep, inch, and flutter along each page. . . . The crisp, rhyming text perfectly suits this fast-paced read-aloud. . . . DiTerlizzi demonstrates that it is a bugs world after all, and what a beautiful world indeed.School Library Journal, March 2014