From wriggling chicks to jumpy kangaroos, this hilarious rhyming picture book showcases different kinds of babies, all of which are perfectly, adorably beastly!

In this delightful rhyming read-aloud, author Ellen Jackson and illustrator Brendan Wenzel introduce readers to all sorts of mischievous baby animals—and the grown-ups who love them no matter what. Featuring puppies that slobber, kittens who spill, and young gorillas who won't sit still, this book is sure to resonate with beastly babies of all ages—and their exasperated moms and dads, too!

A simple rhyming text celebrates some shared characteristics of baby animals. Jackson catalogs a variety of animal offspring (Babies can be smooth or hairy, / quail or whale or dromedary) and their behaviors: Tiger babies pounce and fail / when they aim for mamas tail; Baby buffalo get grumpy. / Baby kangaroos get jumpy. The rhymes have a brisk quality that will keep the pages turning. Wenzels bright illustrations, rendered in almost everything imaginable, will grab the attention of small listeners. The wild profusion of young creatures, leaping, tumbling, and running as animal parents hover and peer from foliage nearby, is hilarious. All have round eyes and a kind of manic look, on the stern side for the parents (perfect in the cranky protectiveness of the mama tiger) but ready to go and full of spark for the babies....The unspoken reassurance-all babies are loved-is there, along with the important affirmation that growing up is both a little bit messy and a little bit chaotic. Toddlers may especially relish their status as creatures slightly older than babies while enjoying the affectionate tone of the text and art. Lots of fun.Kirkus Reviews, May 1, 2015